KISS-昆明情境主义小组的简称,一个由荷兰艺术家薇拉·纽文霍夫(Vera van de Nieuwenhof)、英国文化研究者肖恩·达菲(Sean Duffy)和中国策展人罗菲在2018年发起的昆明城市“漂移”步行小组,成员不固定。该小组主要研究和实践情境主义有关城市空间的相关理念,通过城市步行(漂移dérive)、艺术节、读书会等形式连接不同人群,探索当代社会空间中可能存在的自主性和肌理感,关注资本主义扩张现象。

The first KISS walk in 2018, we walked from ‘new Kunming’ (Chenggong University South Subway Station) to ‘old Kunming’ (Green Lake Park), each walker carried a stool.






更多KISS小组的活动可以访问本博客上的KISS IN PUBLIC……

官渡宏仁村,Hongren Village, 2020
The third KISS Walk, from Hongren village to the east bank of Dianchi lake, 2020.

KISS is the Kunming International Situationists Society, a Kunming dérive (city walk) arts and discussion collective initiated in 2018 by Dutch artist Vera Regina van de Nieuwenhof, British cultural researcher Sean Duffy and Chinese curator Luo Fei.
KISS studies and practices Situationist concepts concerning urban space, connecting different people through urban walks (dérive), arts festivals, book clubs and so on. The group aims to explore the autonomy and texture that may exist in the urban spaces of our contemporary society, paying attention to phenomena of capitalist expansion.

KISS EVENTS to date:

  • Oct 23, 2020, we walked and told the story around the ruins of Hongren Village and the only remaining Yikeyin building in Guandu, Kunming, and reached the east bank of Dianchi Lake through the newly built urban community.
  • The first Situationist micro-fest was held on June 3 2019 at Wheat Field Bookstore, with artist talks, a film screening and an experimental audio performance.
  • On July 28, 2019 a “sound walk” was held, following the traces of the ancient city walls of Kunming.
  • The first KISS WALK was on December 9 2018, when they walked 40 kilometers from ‘new Kunming’ (Chenggong University South Subway Station) to ‘old Kunming’ (Green Lake Park).

For more information about KISS events please visit KISS IN PUBLIC on this Blog.

KISS小组步行在滇池东岸,2020. The KISS group walking at the east bank of Dianchi lake. 2020.