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Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge

Using Art to Build Bridges

China is rich in mountains, rivers and lakes, and naturally has a long history of bridges. The symbol of the bridge also occupies an important position in contemporary history. After the founding of the country, the first bridge designed by China as an independent nation was the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, and it became a […]

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Interview with Adam Lik Lui

From film to digital and now to cellphone photography, we should keep an open attitude. In the future there will be more iPhone artists around us. I think that the media they use is the only difference. It’s important to take many photos and gradually develop, and to pay close attention to the composition, lighting […]

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此次访谈由马睿奇(R. Orion Martin)邀约探讨政治波普和玩世现实主义,相信这两种艺术风格也是西方对中国当代艺术最直观的认识。我自己并没有亲身参与90年代当代艺术,只是从各处了解到相关背景,并看到其巨大的影响,无论在市场、国际还是艺术院校。我根据自己对这两类艺术风格的粗浅印象和判断、对我所了解的社会处境,予以了相应的讨论。不正之处,还请读者指正。马睿奇:栗宪庭是第一个提出为这类艺术风格进行定义的。你能给我一些你个人对政治波普的理解吗?

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