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Interview: He Libin

He Libin (Interview with the artist in his studio. 30th April 2010. Present: He Libin, Luo Fei and Anders Gustafsson.) I once read a text by Jeff Crosby, where he emphasized that Kunming historically did play an often overlooked role in China’s road to modernity: from it’s time as a French outpost, to its role […]

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Creating Inscape On The Spot

Creating Inscape On The Spot – On Art Exhibition “Inscape On The Spot” Written by Luo Fei (TCG Nordica Gallery Director & Curator) 1. About Jingjie(1) Traditional Chinese culture consists of three strands: Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. These three strands share the same concerns about the existence and freedom of this life. They are concerned […]

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Thirty Years of Landscaping

Thirty Years of Landscaping The roadmap of landscape in contemporary Yunnan art written by He Libin The year of 1979, was an important one for many Chinese. With the People’s Republic of China witnessing its first year of opening-up and its 30th anniversary, the government’s cultural and art policies began to loosen up. This year, artists […]

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