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Disease under the Sun

Disease under the Sun —On Hu Jun’s Series of New Life Author: Luo Fei Translator: Xu Yang Author’s Note: Hu Jun’s atelier was on the upstairs room of my workplace, he often invites me passionately to go to his atelier to drink some tea and chat with him. I’m much moved by his enthusiasm and […]

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The Yunnanese Way

The Yunnanese Way: The 2nd Dialogue of “Inscape On The Spot” Art Exhibition Participants: Guan Yuda (Curator, Art Critic, Professor of Art and Design College of Yunnan University), Luo Fei (Gallery Director and Curator of TCG Nordica Gallery) He Libin (Artist, Curator) Lei Yan (Artist) Li Youjie (Artist) Time: 2009, May 17 Add: Kunming Dandi […]

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