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《尚未完成》合订本里李季的作品 Thought by artist Li Ji in the book of Not Yet Complete

尚未完成:合订本2017计划 Not Yet Complete Project

在今天,艺术已经开始,尚未完成。我只是想展示感觉(直觉)在某个时刻的样子,它们甚至还没有成为艺术品,只是在尚未被系统化之前的某个切片状。Today art has begun, but is not yet complete. I simply want to reveal the images of sensation(intuition), be it just a sliver, before its systemization.

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The exhibition combined the knowledge of the social framework and the contemplation related to existence, and mingled them with their visual forms and literariness. They formed a perceivable and readable passage that invites us to experience the inherent power of this “Descending Movement.”

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From Pets to Animals

From Pets to Animals —— Li Ji’s animal painting and photography By Luo Fei Li Ji was known by the art world in the1990s and early 2000 for his series “Ladies and Pets”, which depicted some well-dressed ladies with different animals, implying a delicate interdependent relationship between them. This series is slightly erotic, humorous and […]

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Kunming contemporary: independent curator Luo Fei on art in south western China

Originally from Chongqing, artist, writer and independent curator Luo Fei has been based in the south-western city of Kunming for the past fifteen years. Working with organisations like TCG Nordica and Lijiang Studio in Yunnan, Luo Fei has initiated international curatorial projects and residency programs with European organisations and artists, focusing on developing connections and […]

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