Interiorities – 全球封禁时期的声音实验与田野录音

按:英国声音艺术家Kate Carr的声音电台Interiorities每两周发布全球封禁时期的声音实验与田野录音文件。“疫情时期的声音-重庆”收录在5月24日的第七期节目中,整整一小时来自世界各地的声音实验与田野录音,十分精彩。6月7日伦敦时间下午3点(北京时间当晚10点)在RTM发布Interiorities第八期内容,“疫情时期的声音-昆明”也收录其中,Kate Carr在FB上的预告内容如下:

It is an Interiorities week! And this I think is my new favourite episode so far. A lockdown streetscape examination from Mexico by Balam Ronan, Magda Drodz explores a housing estate in Zurich, Laura Yuile visits an online psychic, a fantastic set of vignettes from Kunming China by Luo Fei. Jilliene Sellner reimagines Hildegard Westerkamp’s visit to Kit’s Beach, Paula Garcia Stone returns with a new lockdown work and more. All on RTM 3pm Sunday June 7.

Interiorities – sonic experiments and documents from lockdown – Episode 7 – RTM May 24, 2020

by Kate Carr

This show focuses on sonic experiments, works in progress and field recordings taken during lockdown.
It was broadcast 15:00 Sunday May 24, on RTM.
You can also stream it via RTM here:

Nightingale by train line, Brantham Suffolk 2 May 2020, Stefan Taylor (excerpt) – unreleased
Here we all are (Lucier mix) (excerpt) – Cathy Lane – 2020
Acer Drummondii – Pilots – unreleased
Double cassette mechanism (prepared) – Simon Whetham – unreleased
Sequoia Sempervirens – Pilots – unreleased
Pandemic Peace – Tuulikki Bartosik – unreleased
These things add up – Ruari Paterson-Achenbach – unreleased
Backing Into (or Possibly Out of) – Adam Sutherland – unreleased
Radiator – Stu Sibley – unreleased
Sunset in Petržalka (excerpt) – Jonáš Gruska – unreleased
Chongqing Soundwalk During Covid – 19 (excerpt) – Luo Fei – unreleased
A happy little arrangement – Gentle Earwig – unreleased

第7期电台收听链接(或在mixcloud app上在Kate Carr的节目里收听)

Interiorities – sonic experiments and documents from lockdown – Episode 8 – RTM June 7, 2020

Brainstorming – Martyn Swain – unreleased
Room Tones (excerpt) – Simon Sound – unreleased
Magda Drozd – Laundry Walk – unreleased
Fridge, Fingers, Futures – Laura Yuile – unreleased
Routine – Paula Garcia Stone – unreleased
Circuito José María Hernández – Balam Ronan – unreleased
Kunming Record During Covid 19 (excerpt) – Luo Fei – unreleased
kitsbeach soundwalk ellie – Jilliene Sellner – unreleased
Brighton NHS Fiveways May28 (excerpt) – Angus Carlyle

第8期电台收听链接(或在mixcloud app上在Kate Carr的节目里收听)

enjoy listening 😉


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